Fly Control Important for Dairy

Doug Vangundy of Central Life Sciences presented a recent research paper from the Miner Institute in Vermont.  The important points Doug emphasized included:

Flies do have an economic impact for dairy producers. House flies and Stable flies are primary pests of confined animals followed by the horn fly for producers who pasture their animals. Horn flies are serious pests but the larvae cannot tolerate the manure being disturbed hence in confined operations they are not as serious a pest.

Integrated pest management is a tool available to all producers which should be basic to all operations. IPM is a practical approach to fly management that can be implemented without high cost. Most parts of an IPM program can be accomplished with the tools already available on the farm. Sanitation, vegetation management, manure and spent feed management and other cultural practices can be key to manage flies.

Fly control materials are a key component to an IPM program especially when the season heats up and flies become abundant. Baits, traps and feed thru larvacides are tools that can be successfully implemented to reduce fly populations even further.
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