Missouri Senate Passes Bill to Improve Prop B

  03/29/11 8:16:57 PM

Missouri Senate Passes Bill to Improve Prop B

The Missouri Senate has approved SB113, sponsored by Senator Mike Parson (District 28), by a 20-14 vote to improve the Prop B ballot initiative passed last November by 51.6% of the voters  but soundly defeated by rural Missouri.

The bill does NOT repeal Prop B as the opponents have suggested.  There were earlier bills introduced to repeal Prop B but those have not moved forward.  It is believed that SB113 is the bill with the most chance of success.

SB113 takes out the 50 limit on breeding dogs and expands the measure to include all breeders (licensed and unlicensed) and animal shelters.

This bill now awaits action by the Missouri House.   State Representatives Jason Smith (District 150) and Tom Loehner (District 112), along with other House leaders, are working hard for SB 113 in the House.

The new Missouri Farmers Care coalition, which includes the Missouri Dairy Association (MDA),   supports SB113.  This is the same bill that MDA Executive Director Dave Drennan reported on at the five Missouri Dairy Profit Seminars.

Very vocal opposition continues from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) which is now a registered lobbyist in Missouri, along with individuals representing various animal recovery groups and shelters.



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