Budget Proposal Includes Fully Funded Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act  05/06/16 12:51:10 AM


It's been a great session, at the Capitol, for the Missouri Dairy Association and Missouri's dairy farmers.  

This was a first!

We are proud to share the news the Missouri General Assembly passed HB 2006 (their proposed state budget) recently, which included the full funding of $2.5 million for the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act.

The State of Missouri has never had a state budget which included funding support for Missouri's dairy farmers.

This is an accumulation of the many hours and dollars spent by the Missouri Dairy Association, the last three years, to get support for Missouri's dairy farmers.

The next step is Governor Nixon's approval.

Governor Nixon originally proposed $1.325 million for the Dairy Act in his state budget proposal.

Hats off to the leadership of Senate Budget Chair Kurt Schaefer of Columbia and House Budget Chair Craig Redmon of Canton and several of our friends in the Missouri General Assembly for getting the full funding level passed in the Conference Committee and in both chambers. We'd also like to thank the Missouri Dairy Products Association (MDPA) and our many allied industry partners who contributed their support to this process.

The Dairy Act will provide funding for three programs in this order:

  • 70 percent reimbursement of producer premiums for MPP coverage up to a maximum of 34 cents per hundredweight.
  • 80 scholarships of $5,000 apiece for students majoring in agriculture and committed to working on dairy farms or in the dairy industry for three months for every year of scholarship received and working in Missouri agriculture after graduation for two years for every year of scholarship received
  • Support for Commercial Ag dairy programs.

We now encourage Governor Nixon to approve full funding of the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act.

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